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I have been relaxing/taking care of myself & my family & have been trying to focus my time on my home. Sometimes dedicating hours to blog posts I'm not feeling just doesn't feel worth my time. I love, love, love, reading other people's blogs & Instagram posts (which I kind of view as a mini blog post with just 1 photo) and have been vicariously living through them.  It's kind of like I am waiting for my turn. I may or may not be taking a short break from posting depending on how the summer turns out. I'm excited for my future and hope to share inspiring projects with you all. In the meantime I hope to finish my kitchen, update my bedroom, clear out the clutter in the garage and organize all my photos for the last 10 years into a book!!!  I will have my three girls home this summer and I am sure they will be happy to help out in one way or another!

Meanwhile I am so inspired by these design talents it makes me want to jump out of my skin! I can't wait to get the hands on a project like this. Below are some fabulous homes designed by Old Seagrove Homes. If you want to built a gorgeous home in Florida look no further.

I love recessed nooks and built ins! I need some in my home ASAP! I was thinking the dining room flanking my built in bench (to happen hopefully shortly) to add some storage and interest.

This cypress feature wall is so beautiful. And, easy to install too! Check your local hardware store for availability!

I am a sucker for a banquette and I love the contrast of the white and the blue.

Next up....

I love a good hallway/ console table. If you have zero walls to do this on, you probably do actually have one somewhere.....fake it!

Via One Kings Lane
Oh my gosh! If you know me or read my blog you may know of my obsession with Amber Lewis. She's amazing. I am always ogling her design savvy skills.

Favorite girls room!

Fab Photos by Tessa Neustadt
I also love Studio McGee...

I am sure you guys see a pattern here right, lol?

Wanting this type of look for my home!!!! Modern farmhouse

Oh it's possible. Attainable? We will have to just find out!

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I am all about the natural tones of light wood, whites and blacks, along with the sporadic & fun use of colour and pattern! This is why I am drawn to these designers and what I try to put out there myself when I design, look at my house tour if you need proof ;)

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