My Home, start with planters! Ikea's are on sale now!

Hey you guys! What are your plans this weekend? I am gonna go out on a limb here and say that 90% of you are going to do some kind of gardening or planting! It's going to be gorgeous (here in Quebec) with warm weather and lots of sun, finally!

If you start with one thing this weekend let me share this piece of advice with you. Invest some time and a bit of money into some matching planters to flank your entrance.

Let me tell you why....

1 // Your front garden might be pretty full of flowers or looking pretty spectacular or not, but everyone including you will feel giddy (ok only you will feel giddy) about the 2 gorgeous planters greeting you every time you walk through your front door. Mine also smell amazing thanks to the lavender so my guests are greeted with a lovely smell.

2 // It will make you look and feel like a gardening goddess (even if you aren't). Just mix 3 different flowers/plants and combine together. Figure out the combo at the store or look for inspiration online and have that in hand when you get there. Typically I go there and just figure out what I want. I know, that is daunting, even for me because I love a lot of things! But I decided to go simple and kind of cottagey with the look. I LOVE them!!!! I choose a mix of lavender (smells so amazing!) for a bit of colour and put some white geraniums behind them and flanked either side with white begonias! So I kept the colour palette simple. All white I think would have fallen a bit flat. This has dimension and depth. 

3 // You don't need to own a home to do this kind of gardening investment. They go where you go.

4// They have big bang for your buck. I got these galvanized steel containers at Ikea and let me tell you I hesitated at first. They are $26 each so like $60 for both. Not very expensive for planters (they are double at big box hardware stores and even Home Sense!) but still it was bringing that Ikea bill up there (OK I only actually spend $100 there).  But then I thought what the hell, just do it. If I don't like how they look in front of my house, I can easily return them. I am SO happy I bought them because they are beautiful. Just perfect! And really, really, not that expensive!  They are on sale now until Sunday!!!  So $21 instead of $27!

What a steal!!! So jealous I didn't get mine yesterday instead of 2 weeks ago! But you can!!!

Here is so more inspiration to get you going!!!

Better Homes & Garden

Southern Living

This is the perfect article on how to get the right mix of plants for a certain look, i.e. tropical or old fashioned, etc. What plants to use for spillage over the sides (any creeping plant) plus height, etc. I like going with my gut and styling personally but this article is very helpful!

Just have fun with it! It should feel like a fun experiment of sorts! ;)

Have a lovely weekend! And please share your planters through Instagram and hashtag #planterlove


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