Our Home

I've always loved colour, which I saved mostly for my kids rooms, but now I am so excited it has spread to my living areas as well.
Any time I open a magazine and see bright white walls, deep rich contrasts and splashes of colour and pattern I swoon. So why not create that for my own home?



I wanted and needed a room my girls could hang out in with no TV distraction. This room is used as a gymnasium where cartwheels, summersaults and at least 100 handstands (by Brooklyn) happen everyday- no exaggeration. Ava and Brook put on music and dance. If there was a television here, it certainly would be on, so I'm glad I opted not to include one. I've got one in the basement and one in my bedroom.


While the girls play I can sit here and catch up on whatever it is I needed to, without being too far away. Being super organized is the way I need to live now, and this is certainly helping. View the original post here if you haven't yet.  (2015)


I love how the adjacent dining room compliments the living room. They work nicely together.

To view our bathroom click here, to view the kids bedrooms click here and here. To view our hall click here. And don't forget Ava's dress up room too!  See below for 2016 NEW Bedrooms!

Avangeline's room 5 years old

Brooklyn's room 8 years old

Our Previous Home

Welcome. Enter our home and you will be greeted with lots of colour. But beware, it changes every 3 months, seriously. There are usually 6 pairs of shoes a couple school bags and skipping ropes too.

This is our hallway leading from the entrance to the kitchen and family room.  On the right is a sample of what we do (as a side job).  Custom photography wallpaper.

Master bedroom

 Little office nook!

Our eat in kitchen. There is so much marker on this table. I dressed it with this pretty tablecloth so you wouldn't see. 

This picture was taken by my dad. 

Basement playroom. Having 3 girls allows me to go completely girly! What is more girly than a hair, dress & makeup section.

My sewing, craft and blogging room. I love all the colour.

6 year old Brooklyn's room.  Check out the mini makeover I recently did here! (I did 2 makeovers, this one below is the current one!) Check it out here!

Avangeline's room.

Charlize's room (above now, below then).

Charlize's room.  This was my favourite mini makeover! I blog about it here.

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