Client Bathroom Reveal

Hey guys! Since my blogging hiatus (more on that later) I've been busying myself with a few design projects. Obviously if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know we are currently undergoing a pretty big kitchen overhaul. But, I've also been working on a few other projects that are slowly wrapping up. This particular project began in the summer (July) and all that is left is styling. Could I wait for that??? Nah, I'd like to show you anyway. I am only showing you the bathroom, though we did the whole basement. The furniture for the living room, though ordered, is still not in, and we are still going over the bedroom design. I was also asked to pull the living and dining room on the main floor together so that it is cozy and inviting and features the client's extensive art collection (will show you guys probably next week!)

I am lucky to have a great client and having a good client always makes my job way more fun! That being said, I will say off the bat I did not take any before photos of the basement. I know, messed up right? My initial meeting consisted of quick hand drawn floorplans, meeting the contractors and taking measurements. So what the hell? I need an assistant! LOL. Just to say, the basement before was pretty nasty (and I am sure my client wouldn't mind me saying so). Now, it looks fresh, cozy, and like a bran' spankin' new place. It also smells amazing!

This part of the basement was completely unfinished. It was nothing but pipes and a water heater in this corner and we transformed it into a bathroom oasis. The ceiling was really low plus we had a bulkhead to contend with so there was no room for even a sconce! I decided we needed a black round mirror to really punctuate the space. It's perfect!

These floors! The veining pattern in them is so beautiful! Client loves them so much he said he'd be happy to use them in the upstairs bathroom we are currently in the midst of discussing. I love working with neutrals tones (whites, creams, grays, blacks) then adding wood tones to warm it up.

I really can't wait to incorporate the small runner I picked up and some baskets for toilet paper, and a much needed hamper! If you can find a space for a hamper in your bathroom it is definitely something to seriously consider.

I kept the design simple but interesting with a beautiful white mosaic border that runs along the top edge of the tiles. Its very geometric and modern.

Running these 12X18 tiles vertically perfectly cover the side with 5 tiles, since most baths are just about 60" in length.  It looks really clean too.

Of course a built-in niche is always important. This one plays on the warm tones of the countertop and shelf.

I had the contractor steal some space from the utility room to carve out some built in shelving, perfect for towels, baskets, etc.

And though I am not currently showing you the rest of the basement, below is a view from the bathroom to the bedroom. These floors are ridiculously gorgeous. I can't even believe they are not hardwood floors.  They are floating but are quite thick so you would never know. The graining and knots really look like real oak floors, for a fraction of the cost. They are my favourite design choice from the project.

I wrote this post over the weekend and I have to say it feels so good to blog again. I hope I can keep it up! I will be putting myself out there more and connecting on Facebook and Instagram. I absolutely am in love with design and I hope to share what I learn and discover along the way with you guys. Slowly but surely! Thanks for being here!


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