Our laundry / 2nd bathroom

Be warned, it is a little outdated! But in all honesty because of it's neutral palette, it doesn't bother me all that much. But....I still want to spruce it up without spending too much money, or too much time!

Here's what it looks like currently.

Please!!!! I need to wrap the sink in a fabric or something because I hate looking at that litter box! But Claudia is amazing, her litter, not so much.

The things I'd like to change are:

A new faucet >> this one is hard for Ava and other little kids to open and close. And, it's ugly and sprays waayyyy too strong.
A new vanity or mirror >> no explanation necessary! LOL
A new light above new mirror/vanity >> because if we remove this thing, we will need one!
Shelving above utility sink >> for towels, and extra storage! I think it'll make more sense than a towel rack!
Paint! >> I want to paint the cabinet doors in a dark blue colour! BM's Van Deusen blue to be exact! I also want to do a feature wall of white and light blue stripes (in Palladian Blue). I think it will make a huge difference!

I made you (and Greg) a little drawing.  I love breaking out my Letracet markers! They last so long and the colours are amazing. But what do you expect for $4 a pop?!?! I bravely (or stupidly) let my kids play with them too. Under supervision and placemats of course!

And here is the inspiration. Now, may I note that I am not changing much here. What these inspiration photos are showing is the contrast look that I am going for.

Via Studio McGee (who I love!)

Via I Heart Organizing

Consort Design via Domaine Home
So there you have it! Hopefully I can make it to the store today to scope out a faucet, mirror and paint. Maybe the light too, otherwise I have a few at home I may use.  Stay tuned!


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