A peaceful modern lakeview residence by Arriz + Co

Hello! How was your weekend? I hope everyone's Mother's Day was spent well with loved ones! I have been feeling inspired by so much lately I had to share another project here with you! I am dying for a cabin. It could be a shack really, but this one in particular is so peacefully perfect I wanted you all to see it too!

Simplicity and function. When the two are combined you get a serene, peaceful retreat as demonstrated by Arriz + Co's lakeside cottage. I love bookshelves. These look like simple built-ins. It is the perfect place to create a beautiful book collection (even if you aren't a bookworm) and show off loved treasures (and the kids art). And did I forget picture frames too?!?

A perfect little mudroom. Slate tile in a chevron pattern keep it from looking too boring.

I love this office. I don't know why, I think I have a thing for filing cabinets. It's really those and the chairs that I love.  All the white is also a perfect office backdrop for designers and artists alike.

The Turkish rug, and warm wood cabinets are an interesting contrast to the white marble and cabinets. 

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