Ava's new bedroom

I love colour. In kids bedrooms it is the way to go. Personally, I prefer white or pale coloured walls with hits of colour in bedding, pillows, rugs and artwork.

But, I've been trying my best to work with what I've got. I did want to paint, but that'll wait. I am not a super huge fan of purple but it it'll do for now. I actually kinda love how this room turned out considering all I did was decorate with what we had. Since the basement no longer is the official playroom I had to jam pack everything into the girls bedrooms. Of course, Charlize doesn't need toys in her room and Brooklyn wouldn't accept very much either. She's got a few things in baskets but not much at all. But that's totally cool with me, because with a little organizing I was able to fit a lot in Ava's room without overwhelming it.

It's like a playroom/ bedroom, and despite it's tiny size, it really works!!! I fell in love with this rug from Home Depot (who knew!!??) that was only $20. Oh yeah!

At first I didn't want the Ikea Trofast unit in her room, but now I love it! All her Barbies, tea party stuff, and other toys are neatly organized (one is for clothing, one is for dolls, etc) in the littles storage bins. She's got her Lego sets as well out in the open so she can enjoy them. I hung some of her artwork above the Ikea lacke tables.  The whole thing together kind of almost reads as one unified unit. To the right of that I hung 2 small Ikea shelves to hold her books. She stuck her doggies and teddies in the corner.

She's got the perfect amount of space to have a tea party with her stuffed animals on the floor (done already), and to play at the tables!

Can I say how much I love this rug again!!!! It was the only thing I actually purchased for the room.

I wanted something dramatic over the bed, a large frame and I figured I'd have to bug Greg to print me something. Then I remembered I had this fabric and decided to frame it in this huge frame (I was no longer using!) as a focal point. It looks so much better that the 3 little frames that were there before in Charlize's room.

The headboard was the one I made back at the old house in her old room. It will be hung as soon as we build her a little base to rest the bed on.

How about that frame? Not too shabby right?
I am re-using the pillows she previously had but spotted some gorgeous ones today at Home Sense. I put them back though, maybe next time :)

I transferred the art prints to this wall to create a little collage.  I also put one of my favourite plants in her room. It is so good to have plants in the house and especially in the bedroom! Just don't forget to wipe them down when you dust to optimize the health benefits of fresh oxygen:)

And after all that work, I added a little banner from Michael's (6$!) above her window for another colourful pop of colour and pattern.

I can't even believe I am showing her room first! Charlize's is pretty much done. I just need to find the appropriate brackets for some curtains I sewed; and Brooklyn's is looking pretty nice too. I added my swinging basket chair to the corner of her room (she was so happy) and she's got so much more room in her bedroom now that the big dresser is out!

I only decided yesterday that I was going to tackle Ava's room and make it look cosy and functional. Mission accomplished:) Next week, Brooklyn & Charlize's room :)

Stay tuned and have a great weekend!


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