Brooklyn's new bedroom

Brooklyn is definitely one cute little client. She of all the girls definitely wanted a say in the design direction. Of course, she is a child, and I am a professional so sometimes what she wants gets trumped by what I think is best. She didn't want to keep the bunk bed but now, she loves it. Ava took her mattress with her so we had to buy another mattress for the top bunk. We bought it at Ikea (where the bunk bed is from). They have an inexpensive ($100) almost 4" foam mattress which gives her a lot more space on the top bunk for lounging. You can often find her there watching a movie or playing.

I began the process of "decorating and re-organizing" her room Friday early morning and she approved her bed. She asked if I could decorate her room (that day while she was at school) as I had Ava's. "Ava's room looks so pretty mom, can you decorate mine too?" she asked on Thursday. She had decided her bed looked good, she just wanted a few new things to make it look cosy too.

Here's what I added to pull the look together of what I call a "calm, bohemian, beach-y bedroom."

>> A natural fibre carpet. I had this carpet in my bedroom and living room previously and it was rolled up in the garage doing nothing. It's neutral and soft, and layered with the sheepskin Ikea rug gives a cosy look.

>> The swinging basket chair (from my living room). Because no Boho inspired room would be complete without one!

>> The Mexican blanket on her top bunk. We love, love, love this blanket. It washes beautifully and is soft and reminds us of our travels. Brooklyn loves it too.

>> A newly styled bedside table. Something as simple as putting a new frame and vase to echo the style of the room is an inexpensive way (total $11) to freshen up the room's décor.

>> A focal point pillow. (30$) I fell in love with these pillows from Home Sense (I ended up buying the pillow I wanted for Ava's room too and it's perfect!!!). They are down-filled and feel very structured but soft at the same time. The blue is perfect on the white bed and I love the sparkle it adds to the room.

>> I put her closet doors back on! And bought new hardware (for all our closet doors). This makes her room look less messy.

I can't believe how smoothly everything has gone! And everything pretty much done, of course, never fully done, I still have some fun little DIY's I'd like to do in their rooms to customize and make it even more special. I'd like to paint Brooklyn's antique dresser (not sure what yet) and do a pretty paint treatment on the closet doors. I really want to feature some more fun and easy DIYs for you all. I miss those!

Have a great March break everyone!

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