Ava's new DIY Headboard

So when I posted on thursday about Ava's headboard that I wanted to do, guess what I ended up doing the next day?

I was a little tempted to make sure I was doing it right, by looking up some other DIY headboard tutorials but then I thought- I'm just going to do it how I think I should make this one...I've always disliked following instruction.

When I told Ava what we (I) was making her a headboard she threw her head back in a full on laugh and said "what does that mean mama". I can just eat her at times. How does she even know to say that? It must be her turning 3. Three year olds say the funniest sh*t. They really do.

Materials needed:

1>>  Fabric, about 4 inches more than size of your headboard. (18$)
2>>  Piece of MDF cut to the size you wish. I wanted the length of Ava's bed to make it look like a daybed. So Rona cut it for me (for free) 24"X 72". (18$)
3>>  Batting 4 inches longer than wood, all around. Available at Fabricville. (15-35$)
4>> Staple gun
5>> A French cleat, to hang+ secure the headboard to the wall. (12$)

Once you have your wood wiped down place it on top of batting and fabric. Of course, line up your fabric so it will be straight once it is stapled. You do not want it looking off centred or worse....upside down. So figure out how you want it to look as you lay it out.

Then have fun stapling away! Start with batting, then move on to fabric. Begin with middle of corner, fanning the corners to get a rounded edge. Here is another way to do it.

Trim excess fabric when you are done stapling.

I used a super thick batting. Actually, let's just call it a large piece of foam. Because that's what it was. It was leftover from my daybed project.  I apologize for not taking a picture of the french cleat. Greg did that part for me. It was just a matter of measuring the centre of the headboard, and installing the french cleat to the back of it and the part of the wall where you are placing the headboard. It then slides in. It's really easy. There are instructions on the kit as well.

The headboard turned out nice and plush. Perfect for an extra comfy bed!

And of course the best part. Ava clasping her hands together while jumping up and down saying "wow, my new bed, my new bed, thank you mama it's beautiful".....her exact words. This is certainly payment enough :)


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