Warming up your home for fall + a DIY growth chart!

Hey! I've been actually able to finish a few mini projects around the house including decorating my home for the coming season. I guess I can't fight what I like anymore. Vintage anyone? Whites and creams and natural woods with linen fabrics and dried hydrangeas! I guess that's quintessential eastern cottage? Who can even begin to nail down a particular style....I give up!

I removed the back cushions of my couch because they were huge and along with my throw pillows it was hard to sit and lay back comfortably. Now, with them gone there is so much more room and the couch feels a lot deeper and more comfy, perfect for curling up in the cooler weather with a book or a child.  The couch also looks more sleek and slim, great for a small living room.

I do need and love greenery. And soon, that'll all be gone so fresh plants and flowers are all season staples for me. Plus they clean the air and keep things looking lively in here!

The hanging basket chair, is still, the floor chair, LOL. That's okay, it's still a great little spot to sit for the little ones and I think it looks cool- for now. Generally that is where the christmas tree goes so what to do??? It feels stupid to design around a once a year event. Maybe the chair and tree can rotate? Probably.  I love the piano by the window. The girls play on it but nothing serious here. Hopefully one day.

I finally found a real dining room worthy chandelier!  I bought this brand new out of the box 30 year old light fixture a few weeks ago on VarageSale! I know pretty funny right? I got it for $20 and sprayed it white. Actually Greg sprayed it white with a semi-gloss Rustoleum spray I had purchased at Rona and I hated the end result. It came out a rough gritty finish even though it was a semi-gloss. I was totally confused. Anyway, I decided to sand the roughness out and got the idea of exposing some of the gold, which I LOVE! Happy accidents, that's the great thing about design!

This wall will be coming down in a few weeks, hopefully? We are creating a half wall to open up the kitchen and adding a large counter-style ledge for bar stools. I can't wait! I've never shopped for barstools for myself before, ohhhhh there are so many to choose from! These shelves will obviously find another nice spot in our home.
And now....

DIY Growth Chart!

I saw these lovely 6 foot wood growth charts at Finnegan's Market in Hudson last weekend and I knew I could make one at home. We have plenty of plank wood and paint so what more do you need? Just a couple things!

First I cut the 8' foot plank down (with a saw) to 6' but you could easily buy a 6' at any renovation store.  Next I sanded the crap out of it. I used my mouse sander by Black & Decker but I prefer Greg's DeWalt orbital sander.

I then painted it quickly with this paint and primer in one from Benjamin Moore.  It covers nicely and adheres to the wood well.  I had this small can leftover from the girl's bunk bed project.

I then used Greg's sander to get a rustic looking finish. The wood came out so smooth to the touch, like a nice piece of furniture! Just use a light grit sand paper and sand for like 10 minutes!

We measured and Greg installed some vinyl stickers for the lines and numbers. You could easily find a stencil online or at Michael's and paint the numbers on in a different colour. Then I screwed in 2 picture hooks into the backside of the chart. The chart starts at 6" and finishes at 6'-6", so hanging it 6" off the floor perfectly was a little challenge. 6 holes later, voila!

I installed it in between our bedroom and the bathroom. There was a perfect little spot for it! Now I am trying to figure out how to record the girls' growth. Maybe just some colourful sharpies? Not sure yet!

And the girls go back to school tomorrow. Well, all of them except this little buddy of mine. We need to keep busy together so learning an instrument will be part of that!  I wish I could play the ukelele but I have no clue. It is not like the guitar at all! Hopefully we can navigate this home "pre-schooling" together! Can't wait!!!!!

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