The Unmade Bed. A Do or a Don't? A list of 10 that are begging you to crawl in.

  Is the unmade bed sexy? Is it like a pretty woman with tousled looking hair? 

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Maybe if you've got the right "bones",  say a Restoration Hardware 4 poster bed with a set of Au Lit Fine Linen sheets?  I'd say even the right minimalist ikea bed with a simple sumptuous looking duvet cover would do the trick.  I think most people would cringe at the thought of someone entering their room with their bed unmade. As long as my white sheets are white and freshly washed I'd be o.k. with that with the condition that the rest of the room was clean and minimal. 

These beds are definitely anything but unappealing, which brings me to wonder whether I do need to make my bed in the morning?  Scroll down to see and how to get the look.

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Oh yes, these definitely have a weekend look to them, not necessarily in my home where I can't sleep past 8 or make the bed past 9 but I'm working on it. Well, the not made bed anyway, I am a morning person and an early riser.

Here's how to get the look.

White Skold Ikea Cushion cover $35 //  Grey velvet H&M Home cushion cover $15 
Linen Duvet set H&M $135  //  Voluspa candle Indigo $35  
Paint Simply White Benjamin Moore

So what do you think about the messy bed? A do, or a don't? I say if you've got it, flaunt it!!! Bonus if you've got a cute kid, or dog on it!


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