Hanging rattan chairs- My must have!

There is something so instinctively natural to want to feel secure and "cocooned" from time to time, especially in our own home. We feel like this when we crawl into bed after a long, hard day; or when we snuggle up with our kids and a good book.

I am eyeing this hanging basket chair currently on craigslist and hopefully it's still available. I really want this chair for either the girls' bedroom (to replace the rocker I currently have there) or my living room. It's perfect. I see many mornings drinking tea reading blogs, or snuggling with the kiddos and making memories. Or most likely the kids seeing how high this thing will rock!!! Either way I've contacted the seller and I am patiently awaiting a response. In the meantime...

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A house in the Hills, Sarah Yates
Planete Deco.fr

It doesn't seem to take up much space, is an easy chair to clean under and has a see through effect hence making it a perfect chair for a small space (like mine!)

I'll keep you posted shall the purchase go through! What do you think of these hanging chairs? Yay or nay?



Marie said...

they all look good :)


Bianca Davila said...

They do! They also look really nice outside too, only if I lived in a year round warm climate!

Dizzy Miss Lizzy said...

Oh my god I need one of these in my life! They look so cool and make a space look really chic!


Bianca Davila said...

I think so too! They definitely make you feel like this is a home you can kick up your feet and relax, nothing off limits!

Marie said...

oh yeah ! I could easily see this in a garden too thanks ! I so need to get one ...one day when my partner and I get our own place :)

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