I got it! The swinging basket chair + my new site!

I am super happy that I took the plunge and went to pick up this chair. It was posted for $100 on VarageSale (and she really didn't want to let it go for less until recently). So I got it for $75 which is a steal! These chairs seem to be quite popular as outdoor versions which I've seen at HomeSense, Pier 1, and every home hardware store. I have not seen any indoor versions such as this, I'd probably have to venture downtown to find some. Anyway, they go for hundreds of dollars so I'm happy with this one! The woman was a super sweet grandmother (I got to meet her adorable baby & toddler grandchildren) and told me how she would rock with her own children (who were my age) in this very chair. So it's save to say this chair is pretty vintage, super sturdy and well made!
So right now it is sitting on the floor awaiting it's new home secured with rope to the ceiling placed in the corner of my living room. I had also picked up a faux sheepskin rug from Ikea to complete the look.  Needless to say, this rug is going around. It is so soft and furry, I have wanted to buy one for years, not sure why I waited.

It looks great in every room.  Avangeline says it feels like Claudia (our cat). It does.

And in other news...lol...

I have a whole new look coming probably this week! I am scared/excited/super pumped to start running with my business. I have to stop finding excuses and just focus on creating more. I am starting with a fresh new web design which will still be blog content focused but with a more professional look.  I have new weekly features being posted each week on the same day. I have to figure out the details of what to post when, but you can expect good content to get your own creative juices flowing.  There will be design problem solving, colour co-ordinations, featured home tours, amazing entertaining ideas, shopping excursions, design inspiration boards and a whole lot of other fun stuff! I hope I can keep up. I'm sure the new site design will motivate me to publish beautiful content! J'aimerais aussi écrire en français de temps en temps sans des traductions de Google pour mes clients français!

I love my readers (and friends!), I appreciate the kind words and support that keeps me here posting. Have a good tuesday!

And for more inspiration on the chair see my previous post here.


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