Abaca Interiors nails comfort meets style

I came across this New York based design firm run by Lisa Hershman, and of course, had to share with you all. Just as I appreciate clients who can show me rooms that speak to them, I too have favourite designers whom I admire and learn from their design aesthetic.  I love rooms that are not overly done but showcase carefully chosen elements that stand on their own. That's how you give a room that wow factor and that doesn't need 20 pillows or 3 co-ordinating fabrics or match-y furniture or every corner done. Life doesn't work that way and I think that's what's so refreshing about the design team at Abaca Interiors. Scroll down to see what I mean...

Sands Point bedroom project

I need that wallpaper! It's stunning. Here's a perfect example as to why gold in interiors is crucial in every home. Even if it is just a lamp and a picture frame, closet door handles or a candle holder. It warms any space right up. Too much silver = blahhhhhhhhhhhh

Below; nursery in a show home as part of a collaborative project.

Quoque, New York project. Simple, livable, gorgeous.

A few images from Mercer street project

All these interiors evoke a calm, comfortable yet stylishly chic space. These spaces are kid friendly and so inviting. Nothing too precious, nothing off-limits.  Designing for real-life and that's how it should be! Check out their complete portfolio here!

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And of course this gorgeous Bahamas beach home I blogged about last year, sigh...


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