Kitchen Progress: Demolition + Organization

Undergoing a renovation is a big undertaking. Especially when it's your only kitchen, or bathroom! We decided to try to make this renovation as smooth and painless as possible. Maybe even a little fun and a lot satisfying. Why not! Once we decided when we were going to begin (was supposed to only be later this week) I decided to get organizing. You can plan all you want but it's really taking the first steps that makes you realize the real scope of the work. Last wednesday I started by taking off most of the cabinet doors. I also edited the kitchen down to only necessities. Because we moved here only 6 months ago, a lot of the purging had already taken place. 

I bought 6 of these large storage containers at Bureau En Gros for $3.99 each and organized it by foods. This way when it came time to pull it out it would be easy peasy. And, it was. I pulled them out this morning! 

Step 1: Remove all cabinet doors. Organize kitchen stuff in containers. Put away anything not necessary in large grocery bags or containers and move out of kitchen.  Then this happened...

Greg removed the backsplash and sanded everything. Even the doors! We were a bit nervous at what we would find behind the backsplash. The previous owner had installed plywood between the gyprock and backsplash and we weren't sure why. It seems maybe because the wall was a bit warped? Who knows, either way it is now gone and gives us 3/4" more counter space.

Still debating on the sink to buy. It's a toughie! I'd like a white apron sink. I really wanted Ikea's double apron sink but the depth is killing me! It is more than 27" deep and my counters will only be 24. Though the sinks do normally surpass the kitchen counters by about 2 ", I believe 3" is just a little too much. I may, however, buy it just too see. And if it doesn't work, return it. No harm.

This is the faucet I bought this weekend. It's a brand new model from Moen called Nori and it's so pretty. It's everything we wanted in a faucet so it was an easy choice. And Rona had a 15% off one item sale this weekend so it came to 245 plus tax. I decided not to buy an Ikea faucet after a friend (who had the one I originally wanted to purchase) gave me a less than good review.

And this is our new temporary kitchen. Most of my dishes are in this Ikea hutch. I had the girls crafting and painting things in here so that too has been moved for now.

Rearranging furniture is one of my favourite things to do. It's very therapeutic to me. We will be making our dinners on the BBQ or the slow cooker. And maybe a take-out night or two :)

Holy glasses! I was just picturing the whole thing crashing to the floor. I did install the floating shelves myself so you never know;)

The next couple of days I will be priming and painting the cabinets and doors. I am hoping to pick up the counters and sink either tomorrow or tuesday from Ikea. I also will buy the backsplash right after the counter is installed. I need to order that tomorrow! Our dishwasher comes in thursday, I just need to find a hood! We should be done by the end of next weekend! I can't wait to style + decorate! My favourite part!

Have a good week!!!


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