A simple sweet nursery on Budget with Ikea

Hello Weekend!
Even with being a stay-at-home mom I still appreciate the weekends. Because I don't do chores, cleaning, laundry, etc. On the odd weekend I may, but I really try to do what I can when the kids are busy with their own lives so they don't think all I do is mop. (Though truthfully I've mopped 3 times in the past year ;) Enough about my cleaning habits, or lack-there of.  I have a sweet post for you, and Ikea's curtains are all on sale (20% off) so why not create a room around a fabulous pair of inexpensive curtains. If I were to do a nursery today, this is what I'd create. Of course, this has no special details, no whimsy, it's simply the basics to get you started. A room comes together with the details, and that's really the magic of working with a designer (besides the discounts;). I was inspired by a boys nursery, so here goes...

Inspired by this look:

Get this look:
If only I had a boy! He wouldn't have his own room, lol. Anyway, have an awesome weekend! All items are pretty much from Ikea except the elephant print and that gorgeous lamp. I simply adore a grown up looking nursery, especially for a little man! View my Boys Nursery Room here for all sources to shop! Yay! 


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