Your home's decor journal in an organized inspiring way!

A new client approached me about a home they had recently purchased and were going to move in a few short weeks. They seemed daunted with the task of choosing all the paint colours, and simply were unsure how to design their spaces.  They had an idea, of course, but moving from a town home to a large four bedroom house can and should require some serious design problem-solving. They didn't require me to design their whole house, but they wanted my opinion on space planning, colours, and window treatments. I've done consultations in the past, but never like this. Once I was finished the 2 hour in-home consult with them I got to working. It took me 3 hours to come up with this neat little design portfolio of their new home that they can now proudly and confidently design room by room (with or without my help).

Basically, I made a hand-drawn floor plan for most rooms, rendered ( meaning coloured of course!) with their existing furniture and future furniture (according to my suggestions just below floor plan) to help them bring together their space. I even helped with lighting placement (that they wanted to add) and gave them some advice on renovating their kitchen.

Below each floor plan for the specified room I also included an inspiration board that captures their style and budget. At the back of the inspiration board is a detailed list of where to find the items for purchase. They can add receipts of their purchases and extra ideas or inspiration to each section because of the clear plastic pockets on each page (kind of hard to see them but they are there!) Each section is neatly divided with a tab and a label for each space.

I did not do this for all rooms, because after all, it was a consult, and I can't justify working endless hours for a consult fee. But, as usual, I do work above and beyond the scope of what's detailed in a consult (or contract) because I just want to make the client happy :) So I threw this in for a couple of rooms.

I helped them find some beautiful patterned curtains to make the dining room come to life. They had simple brown contemporary furniture so they definitely needed something to pop in that room.

I gave them a few bedroom ideas. I scoured over her Pinterest page (always love when a client has one) and based a lot of what I saw on her board.

They were thrilled with the little portfolio package I made for them, so I am definitely doing this for every consult I do. It's a simple home consult that gives you a push in the right design direction. It's not the same as a full scale design room makeover, but it's for those do-it-yourselfers out there that need a little guidance and something to put them on the right path.

Price for a 2-hour in home consultation and home design journal $350, and you'll be well on your way to having and creating a thought out cohesive design scheme for your home! Email me at to set up an appointment :)


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