Looking for Inspiration, search no more

Oh my gosh, I have a secret obsession with California (or SoCal lately) for it's dreamy looking lifestyle. And I say dreamy because I know the grass is always greener (maybe even there, lol).  My obsession began as a child playing with Malibu Barbie (I kid you not, and I apologize if you've heard me say this before). Anywho, I am currently making new prints. Because I love to. Even if I sell 2, I'm still going to make them. Here is my inspiration, because summer is coming and I cannot wait! I want it reflected in my work and my home. I also need an excuse to gaze at the beach.

So here goes. I dare you not to love this.

I love the look of surfboards, people surfing, maybe myself one day. 

California Pacific Highway Via the solobackpacker.com

McWay Falls Via Buzzfeed.com

Oh my God, I love this photo captured by martiehamptonphotography.com

Colour crush for sure. 

Terrace of Norma's @ Parker Palm Springs via elledecor.com

Mid-century homes, sigh. I'd also take a mediterranean (spanish) style home as well please.

Lots of inspiration here to draw from. I'm super excited. The beaches and coast line kind of look like that of Nova Scotia. We are most probably vacationing there this summer if all goes well. We will be camping it out in our tent trailer, just the five of us. Road trip :) I'm definitely needing a little coastline time and I know it's going to be absolutely stunning!

Where's your favourite dreamy spots?


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