Office building project #1

I began a series of bathroom renovations for a friend of mine back in November. I was very excited to check in today to see all the progress. Truthfully, though not as glamourous as residential design, it is still work! And, it's fun to do something that feels like it's getting me closer to where I'd like to be.

Let me start off by saying you are going to hate me because I don't know where the before photos are. It should be in my phone, but I can't find any! Hmm. Anyway, the space was literally a toilet, a mirror, a white small sink, and a black garbage on the floor. And it was a little neglected to say the very least.

Because we were doing 9 bathrooms, I wanted to help my client save as much money as possible. We kept it simple but with some nice touches.

I'm sorry, but for the cost, beauty, and warranty, how could we not use a little Ikea in here? Sink, faucet (in a gorgeous shiny shiny chrome finish) and the white double toilet paper holder were clear winners. Marina picked up the last 3 holders. They don't make them anymore :( They were only needed for the handicap restrooms anyway, but I could totally of used some double roll action in my house.

I adore these white and light gray porcelain 6"X24" bathroom wall tiles. We had them installed in a stripe pattern, because why not have a little fun? Originally the plan was to finish with the gray tile. No border. But there was a 2" gap between the sink and the mirror and that wouldn't be the best for the wall. So we added this beautiful marble mosaic tile. It came in 12X12 sheets. We simply cut a row, and guess what the measurement came out to? 2", awesome!  It adds a nice touch to the space as well.

It may have been 15$ a tile but 1 tile gave us 6 feet! So we needed only 5 tiles per restroom! It also picked up the tones in both the tiles and the flooring. And the flooring was the only thing staying so it was something we had to consider in all the design choices.

It's so simple, yet pretty.

We choose a faucet that wasn't automatic but could be turned on and off with your wrist (should you be a germophobe).  

This faucet also comes in a brushed stainless steel finish to avoid spots, etc. But this is so much more dramatic and beautiful. It's like the centre of the bathroom.

And integrated paper towel/ garbage dispenser is a must. Final touches around it still to be done.

This is an office building, so ceiling tiles are the norm. They do make fancier ones but I thought painting these tiles a warm gray would add another layer to the room. It really looks good!

I'm very excited for the men's washrooms next! 


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