Gold circle decals in the girls' bedroom

I hesitated to add these decals to the girls room because I didn't want to overwhelm the small bedroom. I do think they turned out to be a pretty addition, however! I'm obsessed with decals (duh, it's what we do) so I was excited to test out my product. At first I concentrated them over Brooklyn's dresser, then changed my mind and scattered them around the back and side walls.

They are 2" and 3" gold circles. I think they would look gorgeous in a large all white bedroom à la Emily Henderson.

They peel and stick quite easily so I had no problem repositioning them! They have a pretty shimmer to them that unfortunately I cannot capture with my camera.

For a tour of the rest of the room click here. To see the gallery wall I made for them click here. To order some of these 2" & 3" gold decals email me or visit my Etsy shop.

If you are wondering why I have no closet doors is because I feel it makes the room feel larger. And it is generally quite neat considering two little girls share this room! Brooklyn can be obsessively neat, in a good kind of way :)


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