5 Top Reasons you need a Designer!

Because your room doesn't look like this. Well, maybe or maybe not, but more so because you feel like your room is never even close to done. Ever. You may need help.

Because we are pros at saving you money! We don't want to blow your budget, we respect that and want you to save on your purchases. Many designers pass their discounts down to their clients to help offset designer fees (money + time savings!) We can make things look expensive, when they truthfully are not. Mixing high & low is crucial!

We can do things with spaces you would never think of! 

We are pros at concealing clutter and have great organization ideas. It's one of my favourite parts! Then we can also style it so it looks amazing too!

Because it's all in the details.  What's on your nightstand, coffee table, or on your walls. A designer will help make your room and home feel pulled together and purposeful.  

If you need designer help, I am currently seeking clients for room & home design. 

Check out my portfolio and please contact me for any questions!

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