Weekend Decorating- Our bathroom

When we bought this house we made "plans" to renovate the kitchen and bathroom. Renovations are messy, so so so so messy and time consuming. They are also costly and I'm slightly impatient. I also know from years of design "expertise" aka magazine, internet, and book reading, that paint and good old fashion decorating goes a long way. The bathroom is clean and functional, just a tad annoying. We will sometime in the near future rip out pretty much everything. I do like the wood cabinets though, they have a beachy vibe.

All I wanted to do Saturday was replace the light fixture. So Greg took it down and there were way too many holes in the wallpaper for me. Plus it was hard to install a new light fixture on top of ugly old wallpaper.

The light is hideous. Really. 2 bulbs were burnt and there was no way I was going to the store to buy those very small and oddly shaped mini light bulbs. They probably would have cost me the same amount as the 8$ light fixture I bought from Ikea. And I had bulbs for those already! 

So out came the light fixture, wallpaper, and medicine cabinet (so it could be painted a glossy white).
I took down the wall paper, painted half the bathroom, cleaned and decorated. Greg did pretty much everything else. The walls were so messed up from the wallpaper, a lot of patching and sanding needed to be done (so messy).

But worth the weekend project! It's soooooo much better!


It is so much fresher and cleaner now! I couldn't even hang anything on the walls before because it clashed with the wallpaper. 

I had added little mirrors in front of each sink so the girls could see themselves when they wash up.

Because of the awkwardness of the medicine cabinet (which is directly in the middle of the vanity, not on top of the sinks) I added a silver frame to each side to create balance and symmetry. 

Stashed next to the toilet are all the essentials for my 3 year old and of course my design mags.

Now the space flows well into the hallway. Everything feels bright and white (and colourful of course). It makes me feel happy. 

I've tied in lots of shades of blue to keep the space from looking too stark and uninteresting. The shower curtain & glass bowl are from HomeSense (purchased a while back).

And this is the Ikea light fixture that started it all.  I had this one in my old powder room and still liked it. It goes well in the bathroom, creates a lot of light and is inexpensive. It blends nicely into the wall too.

Changing the hardware on the vanity made a huge difference too. They feel really nice to the touch (much better than the scratchy ones from 1982).

A lot of our renovations and updates really seem to happen on a whim. I think it's less stressful when there aren't any expectations; because truth be told, renovations are big family stressers! What do you think?


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