5 tips on how to be your own Interior designer

I'm in love with this bedroom. Is it the animal throw, hexagon rug or barrage of colours? Probably the combination! I love fearless design. Of course a neutral designed room can also be fearless- don't get me wrong. It's all in the choice of furnishings, fabrics, accessories. How you layer the room. How each items relates to the next.  Design is so much fun. There are no wrong choices, really, well there are but that being said you just need to trust your instincts and not be afraid to push the envelope. If you go half-ass on a room, it'll show, right? Just as if you went half-ass on a work assignment, or a dinner party. Room design is the same in that regard.  

Some advice when designing your home.

1>>  Go 1 room at a time. 
Focus on one room. Get the items you want and decorate and organize the best to your ability. You can actually style sections of a room. For example if you know you want to incorporate a reading nook within the room then start with that. Most rooms can double-duty as something else, so keep that in mind. Your house will feel and live much larger that way. Once your done you'll be so amazed you'll want to do it again, in another room! Perfect.

2>> Have a vision
I know, this sounds complicated. Just look at a room that you love (either from a magazine or Pinterest, or whatever).  Dissect it. What is it you love about it. Now how can you achieve a similar look? Or, research a room that has a few items (or colour scheme) similar to your own. Now go out and splurge on a few items that will help you complete this look.  Be bold! Most stores allow for returns, so if it doesn't work just bring it back!

Via Emily Henderson

3>> Want your room to pop? Add some black + white elements.
Whatever your colour scheme adding some grounding black and white elements will make your room look pulled together.

4>> Style like a pro!
I know this is a series of posts in itself (hmmmm), but my simple advice? Move shit around until it looks and feels right. Fluff the pillows, clean, and add books, pictures, decorations to coffee tables and side tables. This room demonstrates symmetry so if that feels right for you, go for it!

My living room after a pillow/decoration switch

5>> Purge, purge, purge.
If you're not loving a piece in your home, get rid of it! Sell it, or store it away. Do keep a little storage room or closet (or any space you can find- not the guest bedroom!) for pieces and decoration you are not sure of. You very well may find a place for it later. I have so many pillows I stash and I love switching them up with the seasons or my mood!

If you still feel like your room never feels complete or how you envisioned it, send me an email. I can probably suggest something simply with a photo you send in!

Good luck + have fun! Try it for weekend decorating and see a couple of my other home shots!


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