Create a mini play dressing room in your storage! See how I did it!

Our basement is tiny. Like itty bitty next to our old basement. There was a small storage room just below the stairs. Actually this section you see below and another one just beyond that tiny door. In this particular storage "walk in closet" I had a rack with our winter/spring coats and extra hats, mitts and scarves (on the opposite wall above the dresser). I am super organizing the basement so I knew I needed every creative square inch of space I could get. I thought to myself, what can I do with this space for the girls?  Create a boutique-like dressing room, Of course!!! (Total Sarcasm). I had one for them in the last basement, so I wanted this one to be more fun and better. And that it is! Ava even kicked me out by closing the door! She was so happy!

I hung the chandelier that was in Ava's previous bedroom. It creates the pretty boutique dressing room ambience. Greg was sweet enough to pitch in and paint the wall a light gray.  I hung a mirror, a small shelf below that and some pretty pictures. I used an Ikea kitchen hanging bar to hang the dresses from.  The carpet and shelf are also Ikea. Everything I used in here I already had. That's a big thing with me lately. I am trying to use what I've got in the best possible way. This house is small but it can live larger with creative storage and multi-functional rooms. That's a big one. You can have rooms double duty for other purposes. I still have all my winter/spring coats, they're just either in the drawers or tucked neatly in bins on a high shelf (not shown).

A wider shot to give you an idea of what's around the space.

I gave Ava & Brooke the bottom 2 drawers for all their costumes. It works out perfectly. I also lined up half of their stuffed animals on top of the dresser to keep them company. Ava was ecstatic.  This gives me so much more space in the basement for their other toys now.  It's looking less chaotic; and that was really important with christmas coming!

And obviously Claudia loves it too! New territory to explore!  I can't wait for Ava to add her Ana costume that she'll be getting for christmas! I swear I do things just to see her happy. Don't we all ;)


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