Sektion- Ikea's new kitchen line

Ikea will introduce it's newest kitchen series "Sektion" on February 2nd. It is sleek, beautiful, and obviously super functional. Extra deep drawers and unlimited design choices! A wide selection of sizes (even squares cubbies and drawers!) allow for fitting the most into your kitchen space! Functional + budget friendly choices. I love it.

Drawers within drawers! It is impossible not to be super organized with this kitchen system!
Open-concept pull out drawers? Genius. Love this for an island (not for my guests to see of course) but if it looks this good...

And now, of course, this is making me rethink what I want for my kitchen. The "plans" have been drawn up somewhat. I will share with you shortly! I have a small budget (3000$) so maybe I should wait until I can do something bigger? I don't know. Either way I will be transforming the space with lots of paint and DIYs even if we do plan a whole kitchen overhaul in the next couple years.

Check out more of Ikea's system at Ikea.


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