My perfectly organized closet system- Ikea's Algot system

I don't mean to sound like this closet trumps any walk-in, or custom job. I know my closet is tiny! However, for the price and investment (time & otherwise)- this closet system is awesome!  I never looked into this one before, thank God! I would have done this sooner in my old house and thus would have been seriously sad with my current closet situation.
But luckily I didn't and I'm thoroughly enjoying the new closet. I've been able to fit everything I own including summer clothing (mine & Greg's) and even undies, bras, and socks!
The closet is so small (60X24) but now it lives large! And all for a cost of $182 plus tax. That is r-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s for what you get. Another reason I adore Ikea. We used leftover paint, we mixed the dining room black paint with some white to achieve a smokey gray. It makes the white closet pop more.

I will break down the closet system for you. If you do end up buying one, this will make it easier.

Here's the before...

I know, it's horrible. I rarely opened it. Most of my stuff was in a drawer set (to the left not shown) and in my huge "library" (opposite my bed also not shown).  Now everything fits in the closet, and Greg gets all the drawers and the closet in the downstairs bathroom where he showers and gets ready anyway!

Here's how it looks now!

Do you know how much I love opening my closet door now?

I can see everything! Finally! And everything has a place. 

This is a progress shot to break it down to you. I have 3 upright rails (77 & 1/8") (8$ each) supporting the whole system and 1 on the far right wall with three mesh baskets (6$ each). Once the rails are installed you simply click in what you want! I wanted 2 long shelves (7$ each) so four in total above the hanging racks and one below for above the wire baskets. I wanted 4 shoe racks (5$ each) and a large wire basket (9$) for PJ's and comfy clothes and a medium one (7$) for all my sweaters and t-shirts.  I added a hook (5$) at the top of that rail for my housecoats. We needed to buy 14 brackets (3$ each) to hold each of these items. We also needed 2 sets of pull-out rails for the baskets (3$ each). So a grand total of $182! And imagine they had their closet sale at this point? You could knock off easily another 15-20%!!!!! They do it twice a year!

This is sexy folks, seriously. Again some serious hand-clapping going on.

It's like a mini store just for me!!! Ha ha ha. I think I may need some new inventory.

There's a lot of storage in these baskets. I fit all my PJ's, all my shirts, all my comfy pants. And there's still room!

I probably could have used another 2 shoe racks but I just couldn't lose the above space. So I tucked them neatly underneath, on the floor.

Here is a link to the Algot System for those who'd like a super nice closet for cheap! Just make sure to measure 60 cm from centre rail to centre rail- this is not what they explain to you in their leaflet. However, it does make sense since their shelves are 60 cm wide. AND make sure you install the pole with the right direction facing up. Just a few minor hick-ups ;)

And please send me photos if you do!!! I'd love to see them!


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