My hallway art gallery

Who doesn't love a gallery wall? I do! I do! It's a great way to spend a few minutes decorating!

Our hallway leading to the bedrooms was painted BM's Simply White. It's my favourite white. It's creamy and fresh and surprisingly warm for a white. It's the same colour on half of Charlize's walls and our living room/entrance. So now the hall looked clean and ready for a little decorating. I looked in my decorating storage space for some inspiration. I love mixing different kinds of art, and prints. It keeps it interesting and fun. And you can change it out as your mood feels!

Kids art is the best. It's original and it's usually pretty abstract (until they reach about 5 and try actually painting things like flowers, people and houses).

Their drawings kill me too. This was drawn by Ava a few weeks ago. It is a family portrait. I love it! I added it last.

The view exiting the bathroom. It's welcoming and fun. I started with the silver framed coral print (from Ikea) and worked my way left. I didn't measure. I just held up the next candidate and figured where I wanted to place it; then nailed it in. Simple.

A gallery wall looks best against a white background because everything pops off the wall. It was so clean and inviting Ava decided to play with her dolls here.

I like the mess. It adds to the ambience. She even dresses up her stuffed animals. It is the sweetest. I'm savouring these moments with her because having a 7 &11 year old I know how ridiculously fast it goes. Ava will be 4 in 6 weeks :(

And we painted the banister. We used the same BM furniture paint I used on the girls bunk beds. I had it tinted Cloud White. Also a good white. Not sure I want to paint the risers and stringers in this house. I actually like the wood contrast. So, we will see. Not pressing that is for sure!!!

I'm hoping to paint the kitchen in the coming weeks. Not sure it'll happen with the holidays though. Maybe a spring project!

Are you planning to tackle anything this christmas vacation?


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