Christmas Tree Decor

Since I love Ikea (and their sustainability programs) we are buying our tree from Ikea tomorrow! It's a natural fir christmas tree, costs 20$, they give you a 20$ coupon to use mid-december until the end of January and they donate a portion of that money toward Tree Canada.  Win-win. I'm also loving the scandinavian organic minimalist looking tree this year.  Ikea has some pretty awesome retro looking decorations. If you haven't been there in a while, let me warn you. You will have all new christmas decorations walking out of there. I swear.


A few I will be using this year from the Vintermys collection...

 Tree topper $3.99

$7.99 for a set of 2 (I know a little pricey, but they're so gorgeous)!

My faves. I already bought some ($3.99 for 3) and they are awesome! They look lovely just hanging on my wall. I bought both colours.

What do you think of a "bare bones" tree? I think it's fitting for the season. Less is more. Focus on what's important. Keep things simple. And donate now if you haven't already, the decorations you aren't using (so someone else can use them!!!)


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