The girls gallery wall- create your own!

What began as a tortuous night for Brooklyn, with a bad ear infection, and myself, a few hours of interrupted sleep ended well. After a quick visit to the doctor yesterday morning the girls requested breakfast at a restaurant. We were all starving.  Moods totally changed, especially for Brook who slept on me as we waited at the doctors office; and that's the magic of a huge chocolate chip banana pancake topped with whipped cream ;)

Ava has an obsession with going out to eat. Whenever we stay home together she asks if we can go to a restaurant. It's too cute.  It was something I started last summer. We went to have lunch together in St-Anne's by the water. Now, she doesn't ever stop asking.

When we got back the girls hopped in my bed, and while Brooklyn napped I decided to put a few holes in the walls. I had these series of frames from the girls old rooms and decided to make a gallery wall. I updated a few frames and placed them not so carefully in an organic manner. No measuring involved!

Something about grouping objects together creates such a nice and dramatic impact.

It turned out really pretty. It's a nice feature when you walk in.

I cut out some pretty textured wrapping paper I picked up from HomeSense and made these triangles. It completely transforms the frame. It's my favourite now.

These antique baby shoe moulds I picked up in NH just look so good in here. I'd really love to prop them up in a shadow box frame. 

Most of these I made, and if you'd like to print some for yourself click here and here for the downloads. Then buy some card stock from Walmart and print on your home computer. Super easy. There are many awesome blogs that offer free printables! Just google it and create your own gallery wall!


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