Outside Christmas Decorations Done!

Ava  >>  "Let's go the park mama"!
Me  >> "Sure sweetie".
Everything was sopping wet. Even when I attempted drying it with my gloves.  
We played hide-and-seek.   She hides in the funniest spots.

I wanted to do a family portrait today possibly for holiday cards??? Oh well, one christmas task at a time. I decorated a pot on my front porch.  I used what I could find and bought a couple accents from Dollarama.  I added branches from the forest as well.

I used a variety of green to add a lot of texture and visual interest to the planter. Some are real (like the plant that is still magically alive and green!) And most are fake.

I added the lights that were leftover from framing the door into the pot!

It's quite simple. I'm wondering if I will be adding to this. It only took an hour or so.

Love how this white wreath is popping against the red door.  I first put up a green one (now propped up on the outside light) but it didn't do anything for me. So this is the clear winner!

Have you begun decorating your home? I'd love to see! Do you have more fun decorating inside or outside?

I'll be sharing some inside decorating shortly!


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