Our foyer on the cheap

Dark + unorganized and not functional. I do like small spaces because it presents a challenge. My challenge here was to make it bright and add useful storage solutions. 


What we did;

1>> Paint! It was previously a drab ultra warm beige. The same colour over most of the house. I used Benjamin Moore's simply white, which is a very warm white. It's my current favourite go to white. I love choosing whites. They really are all so different in tones. That's a lot of whites ;)

2>> Buy a new carpet. The tiles underneath are white (with streaks of pink and blue). Eventually we'd like to change that but for now a carpet that completely covers the whole surface (a 15$ Ikea find) is the perfect solution.

3>> Add storage.  It's a small space (5 1/2 X 4) so I needed sleek minimal storage. This small Ikea picture ledge is a perfect place to deposit mail, sunglasses, keys, etc, right when you walk in. I added a couple practical hooks (also from Ikea) to hang coats or bags.

A basket underneath has all the winter hats, mitts, and neck warmers.  

A chair or bench is also a nice touch. I like this small white chair because it doesn't look too heavy or bulky and blends in with the walls and door. 

A large glass vase houses umbrellas for those fall rainy days. 

And we hung our large mirror.  It makes the area feel more open and bright. Bouncing light off a mirror is a great way to brighten up a space (and make it feel bigger).

Again, before...

And after...

I only spent on paint and the 15$ carpet. Big difference for minimal expense. Paint does wonders ;)


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