My Photo Shoot for Christmas

 Trying to get organized for a photo shoot isn't all that difficult. Getting good results is. I may need a new camera. For some reason my Canon Rebel (which is a dinosaur to many) seems to take somewhat low resolution shots, even on the highest quality setting. Most of these photos are no more than 3 MB. Anyway, besides a good camera and photo editing software (a must) there are a few things that'll make the "session" go more smoothly.

A very brightly lit spot in your home. I choose the living room for it's large windows and perfect white backdrop.  I threw the girls' blanket on top of the chair to keep the backdrop as neutral as possible.

Though I took these photos with my Cannon; I did download them to my computer, emailed them to my phone and edited them in SnapSeed. I adore that app. I know I should be photoshopping it up more but I love the results, and anyone can use it; and it's free.

Ava was a very good sport. I took a lot of practise shots with her before the girls got home from school. They gave me 5 minutes before they wanted to do something else. I guess that's what happens when you've been in school all day. I had snacks and toys on hand for mini breaks.

This was my favourite shot of the girls. Unfortunately it was blurry :(  so I gave it a softer effect.

Ava started having a little fun. She can get really silly when her sisters are around.

It was hard this year getting them to all look good at the same time! I only got to take about 20 shots.

Love Charlize's christmas dress. It's similar to Ava's but black & sequence. I was surprised that it was $18 and a Walmart find!

I bought Brooklyn a bunch of dresses on liquidation last summer at Maxi and this black ruffled number was one of them.

Avangeline's angelic dress is from H&M $29. It's stunning.

She was posing in all kinds of adorable ways for me. 

And this was what all the fuss was for. Or part of it. 

All these postcards were made with another favourite free editing software, PicMonkey. There are so many different things you can do! I could probably have made dozens, but I just needed to stop it here;)  Now I just got to print them on card stock paper and done!  I think I'll print the first collage I put together. It's my fave. View my post on having a birthday photo booth for other ideas too! Every kid loves dressing up and having photos taken!


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