My Home Styling & Finally a chandelier

I was really tired of looking at a hole in my ceiling and not being able to properly see my food at dinnertime. So I decided to buy something simple that was modern, with clean lines, not to distract from the drama of the room. I figured the last thing I needed was something else competing with those sultry black walls. I looked at Ikea before but I overlooked these large lampshades. It was the perfect solution and looks very calm in the room. It is now complete (but of course never done). I did envision it while looking at the space before I took the plunge. It helps to know what it is your buying first, rather than going into a store and randomly searching.

We hung it high enough so as not to block any views (or faces). 

Or mandarins, or chestnuts? 

Remember my bar cart, that I got from someone's "garbage"? Love it. It's fun to style. Especially with all that wine!

Ava added the xmas tree decoration hanging on the front. Her contribution. I love it.

The wood work is ridiculous. I wish I knew it's backstory.  

Styling a bit for christmas with more wintry decor. Candles, pomegranates, mandarins and chestnuts.

The christmas tree will go right in the corner. Perfect spot.

I have no idea what these are. Please tell me if you know. $6 Maxi. Gorgeous, but they have no scent whatsoever. The petals and leaves are so perfect they look fake.

Favourite design duo. With seven kids no less.

Some "original art" by moi. Inspired by the talented Jennifer Ramos for Made by Girl.  Super simple. Using card stock paper, paint a series of lines with a fat paintbrush or sponge brush.  Create colours next to each other on the colour wheel so it doesn't look odd or random.  Here the colours I used are red, pink, orange and yellow. (I gently mixed the one next to each one to achieve a subtle change in colour, and used a bit of white as well).

I'm signing out for the long weekend!
Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends, family and readers!


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