My bright cheerful, modern home

My house is coming together nicely. In the short amount of time (and small budget) I am accomplishing what I wanted for the space. It's not for everyone I know, but I love it. I've always loved colour, which I saved mostly for my kids rooms, but now I am so excited it has spread to my living areas as well.
Any time I open a magazine and see bright white walls, deep rich contrasts and splashes of colour I swoon. So why not create that for my own home. I took risks I might have encouraged clients to take, and I think they paid off. I still have more to go but it's a great start. I even already bought christmas balls (from Ikea) to match the colours.

The pillows are from Target, silver Ribba frames and coral picture series from Ikea. The rugs and Lacke tables are as well. Love uniting gold and silver in a room. The carpet is a new Ikea find! I love the graphic punch it gives the room. It just pulls it all together. Literally.

I wanted and needed a room my girls could hang out in with no TV distraction. This room is used as a gymnasium where cartwheels, summersaults and at least 100 handstands (by Brooklyn) happen everyday- no exaggeration. Ava and Brook put on music and dance. If there was a television here, it certainly would be on, so I'm glad I opted not to include one. I've got one in the basement and one in my bedroom. (It was so nice watching The Kardashians last night while my hubby's gone;)

The room lives large. I'm very comfortable here.

While the girls play I can sit here and catch up on whatever it is I needed to, without being too far away. Being super organized is the way I need to live now, and this is certainly helping. View the original post here if you haven't yet.

I do eventually want to get a pretty coffee table, perhaps glass. Does that sound feasible now? Absolutely not. Brook does her homework at these tables (she pulls up a little chair, also in the room) and she also easily pushes these out of the way when she needs to. So, these are winners, for now. I styled my room with everything I love. Photographs of the girls at the beach, rocks and shells we've collected from our travels, and books. Candles are also a perfect touch. HomeSense has some beautiful inexpensive candles.

I love how the adjacent dining room compliments the living room. They work nicely together.

Love this shot. My new real website will be up and running in a couple days at  I'll keep you posted! So excited!


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