Premium Outlets open in Mirabel + Greg's lightbox install + Halloween Pumpkins!

Very excited to show you some work (and some shopping) my husband and I did (well he did the work, I did the shopping).

If you haven't heard of Premium Outlets (elsewhere in Kittery, Merrimack, Woodbury Common, U.S.) then you're in for a treat. No passports required for this shopping trip boasting new stores outlets not found elsewhere in Quebec now located in Mirabel. It is huge and has lots of room for expansion. Hudson Bay's 2nd outlet store in Canada, MaxMara, Michael Kors, Famous Footware are just a few of the newest outlets here to Canada.

They opened for the first time yesterday (Thursday Oct 30th). It was my friend Lori's idea to shop, and I am so glad we did.  We were welcomed with a fireworks show! So lovely!

Fossil was our first stop and the store is beautiful! We were in there for almost an hour. Lots of amazing deals on wallets, purses and gorgeous watches. Much better price than in store. Greg assembled and installed the light boxes throughout the store so obviously I snapped some pics!

1 of the 7 light boxes Greg installed a few weeks ago. He's so handy....

Light boxes are actually becoming quite popular in home design now. Not too hard either as a DIY. I just found a new home project!

This one was huge! It was a very nicely designed store. It was also impossible to leave without buying anything. Lucky for me Greg's birthday is November 9th so I thought it appropriate to buy him something from here! He's going to love it....wish I could tell you but he reads my blog;)

Just something else to do this weekend (or whenever) with the upcoming holiday season! I'm in heaven!

Just a couple of pumpkins Greg carved out last weekend with the girls. My request below (Cinco de Mayo and Olaf (Brooklyn's request).
Happy Halloween everyone!


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