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California Dreams by Alexandra Nazari for Minted
Hello, y'all!
It's been exactly 5 weeks I'm in my new home.  Everything is slowly coming together, I am trying to achieve a real designer look (which feels silly since I am a designer) but obviously when you are doing something for yourself you may not give it your all!? Well, that's the old me... The new one, is going all designer crazy in my new home. So far, the hubby hasn't complained. Thank God, because obviously I need his help. We painted the hallway (mostly him) and changed out the door handles and hinges. What a difference. I did want to change the doors (5 of them) but not sure I wanted to spend $800 right now, on doors. We scoured every big box store and came up empty. Every door I wanted was the most expensive. So we opted to paint the existing doors. They are looking good. Next is some graphic artwork for the hallway that will pop against the white walls. God I love white walls. I'm thinking black and white with some hits of colour. Or maybe some photography. I love sites like Minted and Etsy for affordable art that is made with such passion and dedication by it's artists. There are so many talented people.  Here are a few I may buy. I definitely need to buy at least one of these.

Cascade by Grace Kreinbrink for Minted
Abstract Modern by Modern707 on Etsy

Reach Via Minted

Opus by Katie Craig for Minted

Via PureNaturePhotos on Etsy
Maybe this for the summer, and switch it up to this in the winter, or vice-versa for the hell of it?

Winter Scene 1910 by HistoryPhoto on Etsy
There are so many beautiful choices, it will be hard to choose. But I can't go wrong getting a few and changing it up when I feel I need to. All these choices are under $100 for at least a 16X20 or larger so definitely worth it. Some on Etsy are actual downloads so all you need to do is bring it to your favourite print shop (like me) or Staples.

Which ones are your favourite? Once the hall is pulled together, I'll give you a peak!


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