Creating a cosy nook in our kitchen

I've always loved the idea of a breakfast nook. In our small kitchen we have the perfect little corner that was itching for one. I have big plans for the kitchen which include painting the oak cabinetry, replacing the hardware, countertops, sink, faucet and backsplash. I also would like a built in banquette and table that will accommodate up to 8 people!

But I need it to be comfortable until I do that- because it may only be in the spring.

I've brought back our chalkboard (yeh!) which looks wonderful with the black dining room behind it.
The hanging lamp was an ugly chandelier until I removed the frosted glass that enclosed it! Now it's got this industrial vibe. This is the perfect little place for breakfast and any other time of day! Brooklyn did her homework here last night. It was perfect.

Obviously I've got to paint but I don't mind the 2-tone with the white plaster in between. It somehow has an ombre effect. It'll be painted once the kitchen cabinets are. 

I'd say my style is modern farmhouse.  I like to mix antiques with modern and cottagey elements. I definitely am eclectic. I buy what I love and make it work.

Here are a couple items I've added ( or will be adding to the kitchen) from Maxi!

Love this 7$ soap dispenser. It completely glamourizes my sink area. It also comes in silver (which was gorgeous too!)

And I couldn't resist this chalkboard for 6$. It is too cute, and a great way for the kids to stop asking me "how many days left until Christmas", like they did for Halloween! The other side has a Dear Santa list.

Now I wanted to make a little curtain for the window to soften things up. Not sure how I will do that!
Stay tuned...


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