Bathroom Project Progress- almost done!

It's been weeks in the making. Greg has been doing an amazing job and his hard labour will shortly come to an end, hallelujah!  The request by the clients was modern. This, is modern. Once all is done I will post a simple step-by-step approach when renovating a bathroom. I will also share some important details that we (I, the designer) did not anticipate.  And it is possible to have a gorgeous expensive looking bathroom for under $5000! This does not include labour, if you have to pay for it. If you do simply double the cost and you got your number.

The shower was the biggest splurge. As you can see. It is huge. We are still waiting on the quartz ledge which will sit on the half wall, and a large piece of glass (or 2) to partially close in the shower.  The shower was built using the Schluter shower system which is expensive but well worth it. Tiles, system, drain, wall, ledge and glass ran somewhere around $1600.  It was the biggest expense. We didn't have to replace the tub, however, so that saved some money.  

Because this renovation was for my parents I had no formal plans to show the contractor, my husband. We would discuss and meet (hehe) to figure out the best way to complete the bathroom and all it's little details. The tiles running up the tub flush to the floor is very now. I love the result. Simple, clean.

The mouldings are 3.5" high and 3/4" thick and are square in profile. They work well in this modern bathroom. No quarter rounds needed here (yuck!)  A dark grey grout was chosen for the floor while a lighter grout was chosen for the shower. Contrast between the tile and grout looks a lot more contemporary.  

Even the window and door frame got an updated look. So simple and easy! And it looks amazing!

Gone are those pink and purply wall colours. We chose Glacier White by Benjamin Moore for the walls, and cloud white for the ceiling. Yes, you should choose whites for your ceiling and base boards! Don't go with the bland regular ceiling white, you can tint it!!!!

I will post some more photos later this week. The toilet is in, as is the cabinetry now! Can't wait for the before and after! It's night and day!


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