Custom Prints-A Sample using Ava!

I'm planning on making a wall featuring art by the girls, frames I bought and sayings I plan on designing, like this one below.  I actually saw an art print with this saying!!! Some other little body tells their mama "I love you big much" and I never want to forget those words, and now, I won't. This is an 8X10 print and I will be sure to add a large matting so the whole thing has a bigger impact.  I love the idea of framing their words as I did here. The art work takes me about 25 minutes, then it's another 15 minutes to print & cut. For 17$ (plus 3.50$ shipping) I can design and send you a print in any colour in any font of whatever saying you'd like. It's personal and it's pretty. How good is that?

Now what about this...

This above would be killer in a 20X28 Ikea Ribba frame. Oh my gosh. I love this idea. Photo + saying. Email me if you'd like something like this done. 

These would look nice in a family room, but also in the kids' rooms. Here are some inspiring wall decor to get your own creative juices flowing.

Via Young House Love

A series of beach shots anyone?

Love that "nightstand". I wish I could do side by side beds for Ava & Brook, but I don't think they'd ever get to sleep.

The prints make awesome gifts for loved ones (who are always bugging you for photos, aren't they ;)


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