The Girls' shared bedroom ideas

When we move, my 2 younger daughters (Brooklyn 7, Ava 3 1/2) will be sharing a room. Having already had sleepovers (unsuccessfully) I know there are a lot of giggles and a lot of shushing.  I would love to have twin beds side by side but it takes up room and it's easier to be distracted when trying to fall asleep. So bunk beds it is. It's also a very exciting reason to share a bedroom!

Image Via Apartment Therapy

Love that Ikea has an affordable pine version that is easily paintable in whatever colour you like!

Image Via Country Living

This version below would eliminate the need for a bed rail. But, I don't think it would be appropriate when Ava is 7.

Image Via Handmade Charlotte

I'm very excited to be collecting inspiration and ideas for the girls' bedroom. Charlize's room won't need any change, just good storage and desk ideas.  

Mood Board to follow...


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