The easiest DIY art frame EVER!

Okay, so I haven't even been home one day and I had to do this little 5 minute DIY using a beautiful little vintage music sheet I picked up in New Hampshire for 1$. Why didn't I buy more??? It was mostly because no other one struck me, except this one.  But I will be looking out for these in flea markets from now on.

Materials needed:

>> Frame, I used Ikea's nyttja frame (5$).
>> Tape
>> Scissors or rotary cutter
>> Watercolour paper in black or white.
>> Anything you'd like to frame. Children's art, vintage sheet music, newspaper clipping, free art.
Centre art in the middle of the paper and tape in place. Assemble frame as instructed. Done.

I love the new addition! It is so beachy and summery! I also bought those baby shoe moulders mainly because I loved the colour and I thought it had an interesting shape as well. I may frame it in a shadow box, not sure yet.

For anyone interested I picked these up at the Shoppers Village on Lafayette Road in Hampton Falls at an antique store called Edgerly Farm.  They had a lot to look at and some great prices! Cottage Chic was another favourite place with the most affordable sideboards and buffets I've ever seen. I wish I could picked a few ;)

Maybe next trip, for sure!



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