DIY Beach Bag Tutorial (in 4 easy steps!)

Good Morning! I'm slowly preparing for the beach and I thought to myself I need an oversized beach bag for all those towels, and everything else I'll need!

I was inspired by a bag design I'd seen and it looked easy and simple to make. And it was! If you don't know already I'm no seamstress. I don't hem pants, and I generally get frustrated with my sewing machine from time to time. But with all the easy tutorials I think you owe it to yourself to try;)

Step 1

Start with your fabric and cut out a silhouette that looks like this:

I started with a rectangle (58"X24") and traced lightly a freehand sketch of where the strap would be. It need not be perfect! This is a beach bag and any little imperfection will not show!

Step 2

Fold the raw edges of where the handle is on both sides. I folded in approximately 1/2" pin it then iron it down. Simple.

Step 3

Then sew raw edges to complete the handle (shoulder strap). Don't forget to sew back and forth at the beginning and end of the handle so it is strong! Now you have something that looks like this below (but this folded in half)!

Step 4

Fold in half, patterns facing, and pin the remaining three edges. Leave a seam allowance of 1/2".  You can use a ruler and draw straight lines if you want to sew it perfectly, but it's not necessary.  Remember to double stitch edges so the seam doesn't unravel on you! Turn right side out and voila!

How cute is it? And the perfect part is that it goes in the washer with the towels!



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