Michelle Lloyd & Christine Ralphs (My staircase was inspired by them....) & a bath update

It was staircases like this one that made me have to paint my risers white and stain the bannister black. Treads and main floor different colours? Still looks amazing with the other black elements in the room tying it together.

I don't like chocolate cabinetry too much, but sexy slick black? Oh yah! This would get horribly dirty in my own home though...

I love those handles! Reminds me of the ones in my bathroom!  I did a mini update to refresh my master bathroom and make it a little more modern.  It consists mostly of decorations from my mom's house and the new handles I replaced on the builder basic cabinetry.  It's not a new vanity but it looks so much better than before.


It took me so long to replace these. I took off the first brass handle (which was turning brown) the first week I moved in, 3 years ago. I found these lovelies at Patrick Morin. They were the same sized holes as the last hardware which was awesome!

I can see myself in a tiny beach home that looks just like this. White washed floors (or white polished concrete) and a mini kitchen with a view....

Looove, looooove this! I've wanted to make a mini cabin in my backyard for years. Maybe one day, and it'll totally look something like this. 
On another note my dad's bathroom is moving along. All demolition has been done this week and installation will begin tomorrow! Hehehe, I'm very excited to show you the progress on Monday! If you haven't seen the before photos check them out here...

Have a great weekend,



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