Styling my home (For Sale!) - Chapter 1

Our house is currently on the market so I am trying to style every corner of it. Actually, I love to do this anyway and this gives me a perfect excuse. Besides cleaning, organizing and severe purging my favourite by far would be styling. Every shelf, coffee table, night stand could look one of 2 ways. Boring and bland, or pulled together and stylish! I generally throw things together and after a while it either looks empty or like a total mess. My dining/living room has a console on the back wall and it really needed something to pull it together.

Not terrible I guess, but the items look scattered and untidy (even though there's nothing on it) and those unsightly gold cords, yikes.

The 2 leather poufs neatly tucked under the console give it more grandeur and elegance.

The white tray pulls the items together neatly and just makes more sense to the eye.

I adore this high gloss white tray. It adds the perfect touch! It's actually an Ikea picture frame! Who knew? I never thought of this as it sat in my closet waiting to be used but now I love it.  Peonies from my garden add a feminine touch.

These are a set of lamps I bought years ago at HomeSense. They were black and gold and started to hurt my eyes, so I painted them. It completely freshens them up.

Send me a photo of a dresser, console, entry shelf, TV console, whatever, with the items you want on it. I'll show you what I'd do with it :) Email me at



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