Help with colour- 5 easy examples you can do

I know you all want to do it, so, here are some ways once again to introduce colours on your own.
YES, you can do it.

#1 Paint an accent wall. 
Seems easy enough right? Pick a colour from an existing object in the room (that will be remaining there) and paint 1 wall in that colour. It doesn't need to be the main wall! Just remember if you paint one side wall make sure to balance the opposite wall with something else that fills the space or it'll look lopsided. 1 large painting or neatly stacked/layered shelving could do the trick.

#2 Just add cushions + artwork. 

Take away the cushions and art. Does this look like your home? Add some fun! If pattern scares you don't worry, cushions in solid bright colours really do the trick.

#3 Just add 1 or 2 bright elements
It could be a bold area rug, or a chair. Just make sure it's bright!

#4 Use the same colour
How easy can that be. Just go all blue. Or all green. Choose varying shades of a colour- you won't go wrong.

# 5 Or just say screw it and go nuts.

Love this last one. I'm dying to paint a wall turquoise. I think it would look stunning in my ho-hum kitchen. Hmmm...what colours have you wanted to test out?



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