Free downloadable prints I created!

Hello! I'm so happy to share with you some free cute art. Some are summery and some are pretty for any room in your home.  Simply click on the links of those you like and save them to your desktop, or USB and bring them to your copy centre (like Bureau En Gros) and have them printed! They then can be framed in an 8X10! Or just print with your own colour printer using card stock (from WalMart) and pin to your wall! Make a collage! (Frames around picture are just for effect)

 Watermelon Print

I printed the goodnight for Charlize's room and placed it on her nightstand.  It looks adorable! I'm a little font obsessed, and I download all kinds of great free fonts from around the web. Follow my board on Pinterest!
If you'd like me to print and professionally frame it for you I can! Just send me an email!


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