Doll Closet- An easy + pretty DIY

Okay, I'm a little obsessed with outfitting this doll with the cutest room.  But designing furniture has always been a dream of mine anyway and I think this is a good start. I mean, it's much more doable;)

Materials Needed:
Empty wood boxes, foam core (or cardboard for the backing of the closet), glue (white glue will do), scissors, washi tape, mini hooks, a stick or hard straw (for the closet rod) and whatever fun accessories you can find to make it look like a real closet.

1>> Start with some wine boxes

I love wine boxes. The top right box held three small bottles of Porto wine.  Any wooden boxes will do, I just had these lying around the house.  Choose a variety of shapes and sizes to fit together.  Wipe clean and assemble in the most logical way.  You can paint or stain them, I choose to keep it's natural finish because it's easier and I'm loving natural coloured wood.

2>> Choose some fun decorations

This is when stocking up on clearance items like ribbons, and washi tape are practical. If you don't have any make a trip to Michael's and buy some. Always purchase a few in similar tones and complimentary colours.  And my new favourite crafting item-washi tape. I bought the teal one at Target for $2 and there is a lot on that roll!

Take your piece of foam core and cut to the size of the back of each closet section. I cut using an exacto. Decorate it vertically or horizontally depending on the size. It's obviously easier + nicer to run along the longest length (as shown below). No need to measure. Cut different sizes and place randomly. The washi tape is super easy to apply and the ribbon just needs to be glued in place.

Then I slid the bottle holder piece (now a shelf) back into place. Because the foam core was cut to the size of the back of the closet it wedges itself in place nicely, no need to secure.

This is starting to look really cute!

Now's the fun part. Put screws and hooks wherever you want to create storage for the doll's clothing. I added these white Ikea hooks I had lying around as well.

This shelf works out great for accessories.  I wish I had kept some of those little boxes that you get when you buy jewellery. Those would be a really nice addition (with some washi tape around it of course).  The white rod that is holding up the hangers is a balloon stick. Because it has holes on either side I simply screwed 2 small screws on each side of the closet into the holes of the stick. Worked perfectly!

I found this adorable basket at the dollar store. It looks exactly like a hamper!

The little coat hangers came with a washing machine Brooklyn had gotten for her birthday years ago. 

You can see how I made this adorable doll's bed here.

All the girls are really enjoying making her bed and organizing the closet. Definitely worth the effort!  This doll's bed looks better dressed than my own...I may have to do something about that! (It's a little embarrassing). 



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