DIY Doll's Bed- Super easy for 1st sewing project

We bought Ava a doll for her birthday with the cutest jacket and mitts and scarf and boots. It was all well priced, except the home accessories. I really wanted to buy her the bed, but it was $50 and unfortunately it's been tight with me not working (for a pay).  So I decided to make one.  I couldn't make it in time for her birthday but I made it yesterday.

Materials Needed

For headboard: A piece of cardboard, or foam core board cut to the size of your base.
For base: A wine box, shoe box, or any box you have lying around the house that fits your doll.
For upholstery + pillows: Fabric scrapes (can buy online for cheap). You can use old shirts, skirts, etc
and Poly fill (or open a pillow you aren't using).
Scissors, sewing machine, pins.

1>> Cut your piece of foam core.  Place your material wrong side out and pin around the piece of foam core.  Leave about a half inch around.  Sew the three sides shut and flip out the right side. Insert foam core. Done.

2>> To sew cushions place materials wrong side facing each other and sew three and a half sides (so almost all the way around).  Leave an opening about 3 inches so you can stuff it with the poly fill.  Once it's sewn flip it right side out and fill it to your desire.

Once it is filled turn the remainder of the raw edge in and sew it shut. It should look like this below.

Make 5 pillows for a layered effect. They are really fun to sew. And you'll get better as you go along. Then maybe you'll make some for your couch ;)

I was going to sew a blanket but for now I'm just using a wool baby blanket that was in my linen closet.  I secured the headboard to the base using a staple gun. It doesn't get any easier.

You can view the post I did for the doll's closet here.

I think this is definitely cuter than the $50 bed from the store. And it took me about an hour and I got to use materials from around the house that I already had.  Not bad.

Charlize says I should make a night stand now but I'd like to make a little wardrobe next....stay tuned.


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