Designer Crush- Heidi Smith

I received my House & Home magazine for July yesterday, and of course tore through it top to bottom. I love to read through the articles and came across a decorator whose worked I've admired for a while. She is Montreal based, Heidi Smith.  Her cottage is featured in the magazine and it's lovely.

One of my favourite, ripped out page articles is from 2009 and makes me think European living here in Quebec is very attainable.  I think I'll sell my house and buy a cottage somewhere in the Laurentians.....

This cottage is to die for. The stone work, the reclaimed (or maybe original?) flooring and that countertop. I love everything about it. Below are a few more inspirational photos of stone interiors that are authentic.

The idea of having a kitchen table centered in a kitchen as opposed to an island also makes for wonderful entertaining and family life.

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