At home with Brenda

Brenda is my mom.  She's always had good taste. I tell her all the time how better dressed she is than I. She tells me I have three kids.  Brenda accessorizes herself well & that attention to detail carries through in her home.  Currently she is renting but cares for her home nonetheless.

She's loved neutrals as far back as I can remember.  Back in the eighties I remember more navies  & chinoiserie.  But for the last decade it has been taupes, beiges, whites and cream colours.

She mixes it up well with a lot of different textures.  Fabrics, wood, stone & glass keep the scheme interesting.  When something doesn't work she simply returns the item back to the store!

Love how she mixes all different frames and mirrors to create a focal point along her back wall.  She loves nothing more than when I have new photos for her to proudly display!

Who needs a jewellery box when you can display all your pretty treasures?

Her bedroom is a cozy space she shares with her 2 doggies, Bowser & Cashew.

Despite the bathroom being small & blue, my mom decorates it with corals to liven it up.

I hope she will tire of that silver coral jewellery stand one day. It's beautiful.  Even her face creams and lipstick add to her decor.

My brother Josh's room. He loves guitars & skateboards.

A pretty chandelier replaces the old boob lamp that came with the condo.  

Despite the kitchen being a builder basic she dresses it up nicely with peel & stick decals above the stove and a warm cozy carpet.

And a nice little patio to enjoy a morning coffee or evening tea.

Her entrance is small but she makes the most of it with a stylish rug & these fun animal hooks.

Perfect for the grandchildren!
Love you Mom!

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